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Helping Care for Your Família’s Vision

Approximately 80% of your child’s learning is visual, making clear vision important for their development. However, we understand eye exams can be intimidating or scary for children. We try our best to make every patient feel comfortable and relaxed during their examination. 

Reach out when it’s time for your child’s next eye exam, and we can help care for their vision.

The Importance of Children’s Eye Exams

Your child’s eye exams are essential because their eyes are constantly growing. While your child develops many visual skills with age, there’s always the risk of eye conditions developing. An undiagnosed eye problem can affect your child’s school performance, social interactions, and self-esteem

The tests we complete during your child’s eye exam help us identify eye problems as early as possible and recommend a treatment plan to help them enjoy clear, comfortable, healthy vision.

Eye Exam Frequency

Your child needs several eye exams as they grow to help ensure their vision is functioning well and to help detect any eye issues. According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, your child’s eye exams should follow this schedule: 

  • Their first exam between 6–9 months old
  • One exam between ages 2–5
  • Annual exams from 6–19

Book Your Child’s Next Eye Exam

You can help protect your child’s eye health and vision by booking them in for regular eye exams. Contact us when it’s time for their next exam, and we can provide comprehensive eye care.

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