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Protecting Your Child’s Vision & Eye Health

Myopia is a common refractive error that can worsen with time as children grow. The eyes continue to grow as your child ages, causing a potentially mild case of myopia to progress into a more severe version. When this happens, it’s known as myopia progression. 

Myopia can affect your child’s eye health and vision, but we can protect it and help your child’s eyes function at their best. Visit us in Burlington and see how we can care for your child’s vision. 

A Personalized Treatment Plan

Myopia typically develops in childhood and stabilizes in adulthood, meaning this condition can progress for years if left untreated. If your child deals with headaches, excessively squints to see or struggles with reading, it’s time to visit the eye doctor. 

There’s more to worry about than blurry vision with myopia. Severe cases of this condition increase your child’s risk of several eye conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment. When we diagnose this condition, we can help slow its progression, protecting your child’s vision. 

Our team will recommend a customized treatment plan for your child’s needs, helping correct and control myopia progression. MiSight contact lenses are one of the treatments we use in our practice. These daily disposable lenses help your child see clearly while slowing myopia progression with their unique design.

Here for Your Child’s Vision

Myopia can significantly impact your child’s ocular health if left unaddressed. However, early intervention can help protect their sight. 

Visit Frey Optical for myopia control treatments—your child’s vision is in good hands.

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