Diabetic Eye Exams in Burlington

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A Detailed Look at Your Eyes

Diabetes requires long-term care, especially for your eyes. If left unaddressed, diabetes-related eye conditions can significantly affect your vision. 

While diabetes can damage your eyes, there’s no need to stress. We take a thorough approach when completing your eye exam, looking for any changes to your vision and eye health. You can trust us with your ocular health. 

Visit us in Burlington, and we can provide comprehensive eye care.

Diabetes Can Significantly Affect Your Eye Health

Diabetes affects how your body uses insulin, either not making enough of it or using it ineffectively. Without proper insulin usage, your blood sugar can rise and damage the blood vessels in your eyes. 

Our team is here to identify changes to your vision and protect your eye health. Annual eye exams are essential for preventing further damage to your eyes. 

We can identify eye problems in their early stages using our diagnostic technology, helping protect your vision from diabetes-related eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema

Without proper treatment, these conditions can lead to potential vision loss.

Make Eye Exams Part of Your Diabetes Management

Diabetes can significantly affect your eye health and vision, but annual eye exams can help protect and preserve your sight. Our team is here to help. 

Visit us for detailed eye exams tailored to your needs.

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Our practice is located right off Dundas Street near the border between Burlington and Oakville. Free parking is available on site.

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