Digital Eye Strain Management in Burlington

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Prevent Unnecessary Discomfort 

People spend plenty of time on their digital devices for work, entertainment, and communication. While these devices are beneficial, they can also lead to significant irritation. Many patients deal with the uncomfortable symptoms of digital eye strain, but we can help. 

We understand the irritation digital eye strain can cause and want to help. Reach out, and we can recommend ways to avoid eye strain.

We’re Here to Help Manage Your Symptoms

The way patients use their digital devices can lead to digital eye strain symptoms like headaches, blurry vision, eye fatigue, and sore neck and shoulders. Patients tend to look at their screens too close to their eyes, use devices with glare, or not blink as much, making their eyes work harder to focus

Digital eye strain can be uncomfortable to deal with, but we can recommend changes to your device habits, preventing or reducing your symptoms in the future. 

Some changes we may recommend include: 

  • Adjusting your workstation 
  • Avoiding incoming glare
  • Keeping your screens clean from dust & debris
  • Remembering to blink frequently
  • Sitting properly when using the computer
  • Using the 20-20-20 rule

Enjoy Your Digital Device Time

You don’t need to spend time on your phone or computer dealing with headaches and tired eyes. Visit our practice in Burlington, and we can discuss your digital device habits. 

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